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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say BOY am I ready for spring! Although I must say, this winter has been mild in terms of temperature. My plants have slowed down in they rate they usually grow but they definitely haven't stopped growing, with almost every plant in my collection pushing out a new leaf at the moment!

Growth technology foliage focus plant fertiliser

I have still been feeding my plants when I have been watering them, using GT Foliage Focus at the weakest strength, my new motto is "weakly weekly". This doesn't mean water your plants on a weekly basis though (unless they actually need it) it just means use a diluted Fert every time you water your plants.

I can definitely see a difference in their overall appearance with this method and that makes me VERY excited for the Spring growth!

Now is the time to slowly start getting your potting supplies sorted and organised, ahead of the repotting season. I like to organise my pots, see what sizes I am missing or low on, wash and dry any used/dirty pots and make a plan on what plants are going to need a repot come Spring.

It's also a handy time to look at what plants might potentially need a support when they get repotted. There are a range of plant supports available and it really does depend on the plant as to what support will suit them best. Hoya love our trellis supports, aroids you want to maybe propagate in the future will benefit greatly from our grow poles and plants you just want to grow large and mature will love you if you give them a fern-fibre pole.

Another pre-spring task I like to do is I like to go around and give every plant a good once over. Check for any pests, damages, dead leaves etc and give them a "spring clean" if you will :) Any dead/decaying matter on the soil surface can attract fungus and fungus gnats so removing that when you see it is always beneficial. Wiping plants leaves down is a fab way of removing dust and any potential pests that may be hiding.

Spring also means propagation time! (unless you are like me and prop all year round teehee) But Spring is the ideal time to start your propagations if that's what you like to do.

Clear pots make the BEST prop pots as you can see when your cuttings are starting to root, without having to tug or remove the cuttings from the pot (this potentially can break or damage newly forming roots)

Hoya propagation in tree fern fibre with lots of roots

My all time favourite propagation medium is Fernfiber.

I mean, if you follow me on Instagram, I bang on about how good it is almost on a daily basis! It really is THAT good. I haven't found a plant that doesn't propagate well in it.

If you prefer another medium, sphagnum moss is also a fantastic option! I will let you in on a secret too... we are getting in the dried spagmoss everyone knows and loves due to popular request :) so stay tuned for that!

I do most my propagating in clear bins, doesn't matter what size, brand or shape it is, as long as it is clear and has a lid, it will do the trick! This just helps cuttings stay moist, keeps the humidity high and keeps the cuttings warm (all the essentials for a successful plant prop!)

Growth technology Clonex Clone Solution propagation fertiliser

I have also been loving using the new GT CCS (clonex clone solution) with my propagations and have noticed an increased rate of root growth. Considering it is winter too is amazing and really exciting!

Basically what I am saying is ROLL ON SPRING! Lets get back to all that planty fun, goodness and growing!


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